Human beings have a lot of features and characteristics that differenciate us, and one is the skin.  The most extensive organ of the body is not the same in all people, this is why it is important to know the types of skin that exist.

Normal skin

Normal skin is the one in which no lesions and no abnormalities are perceived, it is strong, thin and flexible. It is soft and pleasant to touch and its appearance is matte. It represents the perfect balance of desquamation and sebum secretion.

Dry skin 

It is a kind of rough skin, it is rough and unpleasant to the touch. Inelasticity causes frequent flaking. This type of skin ages easily and shows clear symptoms of dehydration.

Oily skin 

Its appearance is usually bright due to the excess of oil secretion being often kind of thick and having large pores. This type of skin is often affected by acne. Generally, and in part due to its thickness, is a skin that is often resistant and tends to age slower.

Combination Skin

It is the most common type of skin because it has characteristics of other skins types. In this skin type can coexist the two types: oily skin and dry skin. 

There are other types of skin but they are not found in the general classification. These are dehydrated skin and sensitive skin. In the first case you need hydration, it is inflexible and an uncomfortable skin type. The sensitive skin is very thin, intolerant to cosmetics and besides, frequent itching, redness and allergies usually appear.