Solve your doubts about Acne:

Can you inherit acne? 

While it is true that there may be genetic factors that may lead some people to suffer from acne, this is not a determining factor, and therefore, anyone who considers it appropriate can prevent it. To have a proper hygiene is a good start.

Is it true that some foods cause acne? 

To prevent acne is not necessary to follow a special diet, although it is true that there is some food that in excess can contribute to aggravate existing acne. Chocolate, nuts and generally all high-fat foods are some of them. On the other hand, food such as fruit, juice and other vegetables can help you maintain your healthy skin without acne.

Does acne affects girls equal to boys? 

Acne can affect both in the same way, but according to some studies boys are usually affected more intensively while girls are affected in a milder way although more prolonged in time.

Why acne appears? 

The appearance of acne depends on the type of each skin. Nevertheless, it is true that it is very much related to hormonal changes, so its appearance is frequent during adolescence. We can also find adults, and therefore are past their teens, that still continue to suffer from acne; in this cases an appropriate treatment for skin and a constant hygiene will help us to get rid of it.

What can I do to get rid of acne? 

Take care of yourself. A daily hygiene is basic to keep your skin free of acne. The use of specific products for this purpose will help you to get rid of it.

Is acne contagious? 

Acne is not a contagious disease; it is a local infection that does not spread from person to person.

Is it harmful to press a zit? 

Yes. In general, acne lesions should not be pressed. Our fingers contain fat and that could make it worse. Plus, getting it wrong could cause scars on your skin.

How should I treat my acne? 

Each person’s acne must be treated individually and the best way to know how to do it is following the advice of a dermatologist.