Before knowing some details of how we should take care of our skin, it is important to know some aspects about it.

The skin is the largest and largest organ in the body, has an approximate area of ​​almost 2 m2 and weighs about 4 kilograms. It is the external cover of animals and fulfills a function of separation and maintenance of hydration and protection of the body against the environment.

The skin, in addition to being the most extensive organ of our body, is responsible for maintaining our body temperature and the main method that the skin uses for this purpose, is sweating.

It is for these reasons that we must take great care of our skin and always keep it as healthy as possible.

Although the skin fulfills the same function in both women and men, it has different characteristics in each sex, so we find that, in general, women have thinner and less oily skin than men.

Anyway, both women and men, we like to show a clean and healthy skin, and hence we often have doubts about how to get it.

Enjoying a good sleep on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, where fruit and vegetables are not lacking, drinking plenty of water throughout the day and using specific products for our skin, will be a good way to go for Get to have perfect skin.