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Dermilid Dry Shampoo

Dermilid Dry Shampoo

Cleans and degreases hair without soaking, providing volume, smoothness, shine and bounce. 

Composed of an absorbent mixture of micronized powders plant with an aromatic and mineral supplement. Suitable for: 

WASH HAIR without wetting 

As appropriate, you can use plenty of powder and be over their tenure. 


To keep degreasing hair fuller, looser and brighter. Indispensable in skin-hair seborrheic states and fragile hair and / or brittle. 


In seborrheic / androgenetic alopecia. Daily use. 

Easily removed by ultrafine / micronized.

Directions of use
Directions of useShake before use. Sprinkle applying a moderate amount through hair, preferably in central areas. Kneading, rubbing gently. Hold for 2 to 4 minutes. Brushing (comb as usual).
PresentationBottle with 100 gr. micronized powder
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